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Computer Vision

Sport & Gaming

Our client's objective

Detect board game events (ball trajectories, ball speed, etc.) via a simple RGB camera / Reduce costs / Facilitate upgrades

Our turnkey solution

Custom-made computer vision model (classical algorithms and neural networks) / Hardware & software architecture / Integration / Deployment / Maintenance


TensorRT, PyTorch, NVidia Jetson, OpenCV, GStreamer, AWS

Our solutions

for industries


Our solutions ease the execution of repetitive health acts, improving diagnosis and prescriptions. We also take care of transversal issues having a specific echo in the health industry (anonymity, patient flow).
  • Images diagnosis automation

  • Text-based diagnosis automation (exam, profile)

  • Prediction & property design (molecular combinations)

  • Anonymization of the patient data

  • Flow management (patient journey, infrastructure occupancy)


Our specific solutions for banking sector focus on customer interactions, security of transactions and compliance with banking standards.
  • Pre-processing of customer interactions (emails, calls)

  • Recommendations to client advisors ("best next actions")

  • Client segmentation via new complex (behavioral) data

  • Detection of frauds (transactions & behaviors) in real time

  • KYC compliance

Industry 4.0

We help industry players structure and take advantage of data they naturally produce in large quantities. Our solutions especially improve their productivity.
  • Predictive maintenance

  • Logistics optimization (flows and stocks)

  • Supply chain optimization

  • Machine parameters optimization

  • Automated quality & safety controls (vision)


We enhance professional and academic training with algorithmic concepts adapted to Ed Tech - such as reinforcement learning.
  • Dynamic personalization of educational paths

  • Help trainers segment their audience and refine their content

  • Detection of weak signals to assess interest and attention

  • Teachbots

  • Access to educational diversified information (pedagogical filters)

Other industries

Algorithmic technologies can be shared across a wide variety of industries, and therefore adjusted to your needs and your business logics. This is precisely our core business! Do not hesitate to contact us to share your specific needs.
Some examples :
  • Smart cities: characterizing collective interactions and behaviors, optimal paths, improved GIS, improved BIM

  • Digital & physical security: detection and prevention of technological frauds (voice, image, video, biometrics, cryptography)

  • Retail & e-Commerce: sales prediction, product catalog optimization, smart CRMs

  • Gaming & Sports: automatic event detection, player statistics

  • Tourism: user recommender systems, price optimum

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