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An odyssey together

Join Preste, for:

  • Meaningful projects in various industries

  • The "2M": our engineers dedicate 3 months a year to research projects

  • Taking part in Ukraine's economic resilience and reconstruction

  • Understanding the impact of your work, in contact with our customers

  • Participating in the governance of projects (Agile)

  • Contributing to the DS & ML community

Technical stack (indicative): Python, C++, R, TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Scikit-learn, Beautiful Soup, NVIDIA Jetson, TensorRT, OpenCV, GStreamer, BERT, GPT-3, Neo4j, Apache Spark, AWS Cloud & SageMaker, Scrum, Agile, PMP, Prince2

Open positions


Lead NLP Jun 24, Kyiv

Computer Vision Engineer May 24, Kyiv

Lead Bioinformatician May 24, Kyiv

Admin Manager May 24, Kyiv

MarkCom Manager Jul 24, Kyiv

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