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We founded PRESTE in 2019, thanks to our experience in complex high-tech projects and in management of international teams.

The idea of PRESTE came from the observation that machine learning is a massive, on-going revolution, whose applications will extend to all industries. We are convinced that this technological integration will require a lot of know-how and skills, not only to improve the state of the art in AI, but also and above all to apply these emerging technologies to the specificities of the different industrial sectors they will transform.

Our company is established both in Paris (French front office: business analysis and commercial activities) and Kiev (Ukrainian back office: development teams). Project management skills are spread over the two teams to ensure smooth integration and delivery. ​

With these 2 feet across Europe, we put together the best team for your projects and keep you in control over delivery pace and quality.


PRESTE manifesto

PRESTE is about technology, of course, but it is also a personal journey to make our customers, partners and co-workers comfortable and proud of the job we accomplish together. That is why we try our best to follow simple mottos, which help us challenge each day with the same enthusiasm and deliver the best services.

Welcome on board

We seek customer involvement by communicating at each relevant step of the project, focusing on the big picture, from both business and technical standpoints.

We also cherish team empowerment. Our teams are autonomous within a robust framework.

News is good news

We provide transparent and honest feedback on the projects we manage, on their risks and stakes.

We value trust over politics.

We are open to new perspectives and to the shifting business realities of our customers.

We are also transparent in the way we manage our customers’ data and their customers data (see more about this point in Our Services)

Get the job done

Our job is not about consultancy but about action: we implement practical solutions.

That is why we do everything, based on our experience in complex projects, to deliver in time, on budget, within the agreed quality.

And I think to myself… what a wonderful world

Via focused actions, we make our best to contribute to a better society:

  • for a better governance & citizenship, in Ukraine as well as in France

  • to enhance and spread artistic education, especially in the field of music

More to come on this topic in our News.

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